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Exterior Door
Description: Exterior Door
Manufacturer: Thermatru
Model Name: Fiberglass Door
Model #: FC860
Maintenance Notices
Yearly Door Inspection
Required Maintenance
First Maintenance Date: 365 days after original close of escrow date
Recurring Maintenance: Yes, Recurs every 365 days
All Therma-Tru door systems and associated components should be inspected and checked at least onceayearforthefollowingconditions: fadingofdoorfinishes,weatherstripsealinadequacies, doorbottomgasketorsillgasketwear,andvinylthresholdoroakrisersplittingorcracking. Upon inspection if any of these components fail to function, they should be repaired or replaced as follows.
- Door Finishes
Clearcoats and Stains
All exterior finishes are affected by exposure and weathering from the sun, moisture and air pollutants. Asimpleapplicationofamaintenancecoatoftopcoatwillrenewtheprotectionover thestainedsurfaceonClassic-CraftandFiber-Classicdoorslabs Beforetopcoatfails,reapply freshtopcoat. Cleanfirstwithahouseholddetergentandwater. Rinseandletdry. Reapplythe topcoatapproximatelyevery3-5yearsorwhenglossfades. Fadingwillvary.
HINT: Pull out and compare the sample that was finished when door was new to the door periodically. Whencomparedtothesample, ifthedoorseemsroughorhaslostitsgloss,youneed to re-topcoat your door.
Paint on Classic-Craft or Fiber-Classic Doors
For fading, cracking, splitting, etc., of painted Classic-Craft or Fiber-Classic doors, stripping and refinishingmayberequired. RefertoSITE3forproperinstructionsonstrippingandrefinishing door slabs.
Paint on Smooth-Star or Steel Doors
For cracking, splitting or deteriorating paint finishes on steel doors, lightly sand surface of door and touch up to match overall finish.
Special Note for Outswing Door Systems
Swing-out doors must have all edges - sides, top and bottom - finished. Inspect and maintain these edges regularly as all other surfaces.
Refer to SITE 2 Finishing Instructions of the Product Manual for more details.
- Weatherstripping
If the weatherstripping fails to perform (i.e., not sealing the door system properly, cracking, tearing, etc.) the weatherstrip needs to be replaced. Remove the existing weatherstripping and replace. Refer to SITE 5 Weatherstrip Replacement for proper installation of replacement weatherstrip.
- Door Bottom and Sill Gaskets
If the door bottom gasket fails to perform (i.e., splitting, cracking, pulling away from door slab, etc.),thedoorbottomneedstobereplacedwithanewdoorbottom. SeeSHOP3forproperdoor bottom installation.
If the sill gaskets on outswing sills fails to perform (i.e., splitting, cracking, etc.), the sill gasket needstobereplaced. Pulltheexistinggasketandreplacethegasketingforproperfunctioningof thesill. RefertoCOMP11Sillsforproperreplacementparttoorder.
- Oak Risers for Adjustable Sills
If the oak riser for an adjustable sill fails to perform (i.e., splitting, cracking, etc.), the oak riser needstobereplaced. Removetheexistingriserandreplace. RefertoSITE5forproperoakriser selection and replacement installation.
- Vinyl Thresholds
If the vinyl threshold fails to perform (i.e., splitting, cracking, etc.), the vinyl threshold needs to be replaced. Remove the existing threshold and replace. Refer to SITE 5 for proper vinyl threshold selectionandreplacement installation.
- Corner Seal Pads
Ifcornersealpadsaretornormissing,replacecornersealpads. RefertoSHOP4or SITE1for adjustable and self-adjusting sills.
- Sealing/Resealing Areas
Ifacaulksealfailstoperform(i.e.waterleakage),removeexistingsealandresealarea. Referto Product Manual table of contents for specific door type and sealing condition.
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