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Garbage Disposer
Description: Garbage Disposer
Location: Kitchen
Manufacturer: InSinkErator
Model Name: Badger 1
Model #:
Maintenance Notices
Clean Disposal
Suggested Maintenance
First Maintenance Date: 365 days after original close of escrow date
Recurring Maintenance: Yes, Recurs every 365 days
Over time, food particles may accumulate in the grind chamber and baffle. An odor from the disposer is usually a sign of grease and food buildup, caused by insufficient water flow during and after disposer use. To clean disposer: 1. Turn off disposer and disconnect power supply. 2. Place stopper in sink opening and fill sink halfway with warm water. 3. Mix 1/4 cup baking soda with water. Turn disposer on and remove stopper from sink at same time to wash away loose particles.
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