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Air Conditioning and Heating System
Description: Air Conditioning and Heating System
Manufacturer: Carrier
Model Name: Condenser
Model #: CA13NAO
Maintenance Notices
Regular Maintenance
Required Maintenance
First Maintenance Date: 30 days after original close of escrow date
Recurring Maintenance: Yes, Recurs every 30 days
Keep Filter Clean
A clogged or improperly installed air filter on your indoor unit will increase operating costs and shorten the life of the unit. For detailed filter cleaning information refer to indoor unit literature.

Check Condensate Drain
Your air conditioner removes humidity from your home during the cooling season. After a few minutes of operation, water should trickle from the condensate drain of the indoor coil. Check this occasionally to be sure the drain system is not clogged. Drainage will be limited if you live in a very dry environment.

Coil Cleaning
Your indoor coil is located in a sealed cabinet on your indoor unit and will require minimal cleaning with routine filter maintenance. Longer operating cycles and reduced energy efficiency may indicate the need for a coil cleaning by your Carrier dealer.

Base Pan Drainage
Periodically check for and remove debris that has settled around the base of your outdoor unit. This will ensure proper drainage of the base pan and eliminate standing water inside the outdoor unit.
Required Maintenance
First Maintenance Date: 90 days after original close of escrow date
Recurring Maintenance: Yes, Recurs every 90 days
Coastal locations often require additional maintenance of the outdoor unit due to highly corrosive airborne ocean salt. Although your new Carrier system is made of galvanized metal and is protected by top-grade paint, take the additional precaution of periodically washing all exposed surfaces and the outdoor coil approximately every 3 months. Consult your installing Carrier dealer for proper cleaning intervals and procedures for your geographic area or ask about a service contract for regularly scheduled professional cleaning and inspections.
Regular Dealer Maintenance
Required Maintenance
First Maintenance Date: 365 days after original close of escrow date
Recurring Maintenance: Yes, Recurs every 365 days
In addition to the routine maintenance that you perform, your home comfort system should be inspected regularly by a properly trained service technician. Many dealers offer this service at a reduced rate with a service contract. Some service contracts offer additional benefits such as parts discounts and no additional charge for ””after hours”” or emergency service.

Your annual system inspection should include:
Routine inspection of air filter(s) with replacement or cleaning as required
Inspection and cleaning of the blower wheel housing and motor
Inspection and, if required, cleaning of indoor and outdoor coils
Inspection of the indoor coil drain pan, as well as the primary and secondary drain lines. If the system has an auxiliary drain pan and line, they should be inspected at this time as well. Service should include cleaning if required.
Check all electrical wiring and connections
Check for secure physical connections of individual parts in each unit
Operational check of the air conditioning system to determine actual working condition. Necessary repair and, or adjustment should be performed at this time.
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